Coat of Arms

The Amburgey Family Association (AFA) was incorporated in July 1988 for the sole purpose of bringing together the members of the Amburgey Family anywhere in the world.  Any descendant of Amburgey (Amberger) in the world  is eligible for membership. 
Activities of the association include:
  • The collection and preservation of family records and similar memorabilia.
  • Social activities for members --- especially a family reunion on the 4th weekend in July each year.
  • Distribution of a newsletter once a year.  Copies of previous newsletters are available for $2.50 plus $0.50 postage.
  • Sales of monographs/insignia/gifts/bequests relating to the history of the Amburgey family.
  • Award of scholarships to eligible students who are members of any Amburgey family in the world for college or vocational education.